Congratulating A/Prof Debbie Cockrell on being appointed as the first female President of ADA (NSW)

20 November 2013

On behalf of members of the Faculty of Dentistry I wish to extend congratulations to Associate Professor Deb Cockrell on being appointed the first female President of the Australian Dental Association (NSW Branch).

Professor Cockrell, an alumna and previous academic member of Faculty of Dentistry also completed her PhD with the University of Sydney. She is currently in private practice at Ourimbah and holds a conjoint appointment with Newcastle University.

Deb continues as a tireless advocate for oral health in the Australian community as an active member of the Australasian Council of Dental Deans and as Deputy President of the Dental Council of NSW.

Please join me in wishing her success in her presidency of the ADA (NSW).

Professor Chris Peck,

The Dean - Faculty of Dentistry.

Associate Professor Debbie Cockrell
Associate Professor Debbie Cockrell

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