The Dean and his staff say 'Thank You'

5 December 2013

In the cloistered environment of ancient artefacts in the University of Sydney's Nicholson Museum on Thursday 21 November, Dean of the Faculty, Professor Chris Peck had the opportunity to express his personal thank you to our very many part-time and honorary staff.

The guests, both past and present staff members, came from far and wide to greet one another as old and trusted colleagues and alumni and raise a glass to those who have passed, along with a fond goodbye and good luck to those retiring from the Faculty.

Whilst too numerous to list, the Dean wished to express particular thanks to Associate Professor Peter Dennison and Dr Evelyn Howe who are retiring in December 2013, as well as those who have worked tirelessly teaching such as Associate Professor Norton Duckmanton, Associate Professor John Dale, Associate Professor Peter Duckmanton, Drs Michael and Susan Buchanan, Professor Clive Wright, Dr Harry Lewis, Dr Ellis Rosen, Dr Theo Baisi, Dr Stuart Howe, Dr John Bone and Dr Amelita Simpson, to name a few, and those who continue to contribute to the Faculty in intangible ways, such as Associate Professor Peter Barnard, who provided many hours, days and weeks gathering and assembling data and classifying archives for our very own dental museum.

Many alumni and colleagues found it too difficult to attend this year but expressed the desire to be remembered to their colleagues and promised to clear their diaries for next year.

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A short video coverage of the event can be downloaded from this link.

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