Appointment to the Alumni Council of the University of Sydney

11 February 2014

Please join me in offering our gratitude and warm thanks to now-retired member of the Alumni Council, Adjunct Associate Professor Norton Duckmanton.
Professor Duckmanton has for many years championed his Faculty in the Alumni forums of the University of Sydney and still remains today, indefatigable in his contribution to teaching in the Faculty of Dentistry.

We take this opportunity to now proud welcome and congratulate Associate Professor Massimiliano (Max) Guazzato for being successfully nominated to take Professor Duckmanton's place on the Alumni Council.

Nominated by the Dean, Professor Chris Peck, and Head of Discipline Professor Iven Klineberg, Professor Guazzato was unanimously endorsed to the Alumni Council and we feel confident that he will in his own right, ensure the advancement of Dentistry alumni in the University and wider academic world.

Prof Chris Peck,
The Dean, Faculty of Dentistry.

Adjunct A/Prof Norton Duckmanton
Adjunct A/Prof Norton Duckmanton

A/Prof Max Guazzato
A/Prof Max Guazzato

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