5th Anniversary of the Roland Bryant Cup

6 July 2014

Marking the 5th anniversary of the Roland Bryant Cup, on May 3rd it was Charles Sturt University's turn to make the trip to Sydney for a day of healthy sporting competition against their University of Sydney dental counterparts. The five events featured that day included men's basketball, women's netball, men's and women's soccer and mixed touch.

The first fixture - men's basketball - saw the Sydney team highly motivatedas they played in front of their peers. This year's squad consisted of veterans and rookies, who provided fresh legs and new skills to the side. First quarter "tip off" was won by Sydney. Following plenty of defensive play with a few blocked shots and steals, Sydney trailed CSU at the beginning of the second quarter. The second quarter had Sydney's shots not connecting and CSU further in the lead. The final quarter started with a scoring burst from Sydney aided by a few steals from the guards, however, CSU's strong athletic prowess proved to be too much for Sydney, and they closed the game with a 16 point lead.

Next, it was the women's turn to take to the courts for netball. Despite the scoreboard, the women's netball game provided some great entertainment and much fun for theSydney girls. Off the back of a few training sessions compared to the experienced CSU girls, we tried our best. Clare Cheung was a notable standout for playing a full game as goalkeeper, capitalising on any rebounds we were given. Ultimately, the CSU girls demonstrated strong, confident passing, tight defense and almost flawless shooting, a win well deserved.

Touch football was the third sport of the day and coming in 2 games down, the Sydney team was determined. An explosive diving try from Nick Strataswas shortly followed by Lyle Worrell breaking through the CSU defensive line and giving an offload to Diana Bruncke for 2 points. CSU replied, taking advantage of a mismatch on the outside and scoring on the wing. Sydney finished the first half with fancy footwork from Johnny Harrison, scoring to end the half 4-1. CSU responded in the second half with the CSU captain making a break and offloading to score 2 points. Thrilling the spectators, bothSydney and CSU scored back to back,and Sydney provided a flourishing conclusionto win the game 5-4.

Set to be an exciting match was a keenSydney women's side. Striker Priyanka Ponna scored a terrific goal early in the match with a beautiful curve ball just sliding in to the net at the last moment and Kara Everingham saving many shots on goal. CSU, however, prevailed for a final score of 2-1 after a tight, exciting game provided by all players. Congratulations to our team for a close game, particularly to those who played soccer for the first time. That's what RBC is all about!

The final men's soccer game was a very physical affair with both teams getting stuck in and providing a fantastic spectacleand the second half saw CSU providing a resounding victory of 4-1. While the price of admission entitled spectators to the full seat, they only took up the edge!

A big thank you is extended to all organizers, team captains, players, spectators, and the Australian Dental Association (NSW branch) for supporting this event.

See you all next year!

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