Initiative and Engagement - The 2014 'Big Picture Program'.

23 July 2014

On Tuesday July 8, 30 students from high schools across NSW, ACT, QLD and New Zealand were given a tour of clinical facilities at the Sydney Dental hospital as part of the `Big Picture Program' -a Warrane College initiative to introduce tertiary options to their students.

Following an introduction to the Sydney dental program students were led to a clinic where theygot a first-hand feel of patient treatment in a state-of-the-art simulation environment. This was followed by a visit to patient clinics where they sawa workstation setup for a variety of procedures including surgery, general restorative and prosthetics and,most importantly, learnt the importance of infection control.

Finally the Warrane College students were led to the prosthodontics laboratoryfor information on the materials and tools used in prosthodontics and the application of a variety of prosthetic devices.

Year 2 and 3 dental students were compensated and delighted with the enthusiastic engagement and curiosity shown during the end of tour Q & A session and to hear Michael Gonzaga, a Year 10 Warrane College student, add that `this visit really opened my eyes to the possibility to a career in dentistry'.

Said DMD2 student, Lyle Worrell: `We were very happy to share our passion in this profession and hope to have shed some light and spark additional interest in these bright young individuals whom we hope to see again as prospective dental students.'

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