BOH Frequently Asked Questions

1 August 2008

What do I need to do to apply for the Bachelor of Oral Health program?

To be considered for admission, all applicants will be asked to provide their University Admission Index (UAI) or results of a university preparation course, or a record of any earlier University studies. A record of earlier tertiary studies includes the completed equivalent of at least one full-time year of approved tertiary study at an Australian associate diploma level or higher (ie. 48 credit points of study at the University of Sydney or a part-time equivalent) to be considered for admission. If the degree is more than 10 years it will not be accepted.

All applicants to the course will be required to undertake a personal qualities assessment, which is designed to test manual mental agility, cognition, personality and moral orientation and decision making, qualities deemed essential for candidates of the program.

Do I need to sit UMAT?

No we do not accept the UMAT. You must fulfil all the entry criteria i.e. successfully completing the PQA, a successful interview result and a competitive UAI

I am a mature age student and I don't have a UAI, can I still apply?

If you are aged 21, or over, at the time of admission, you will have to complete a Tertiary Preparation course, to enable you to obtain a UAI. Tertiary preparation courses may be undertaken at the University of Sydney's Centre for Continuing Education; or a tertiary preparation certificate course offered at the NSW TAFE college; or the Open Foundation.

Can I apply for the BOH program without sitting the Personal Qualities Assessment i.e are there any exceptions?

All applicants without exception must complete the Personal Qualities Assessment.

I sat the PQA last year but was not accepted for the BOH program. Can I use my results to apply again?

If you were successful in the PQA the previous year, you can use them to reapply for the BOH program. Results are valid for 2 years, however you must contact the PQA office and ensure that they are included in the results sent to the Faculty Office.

Is preference given to applicants who put BOH as their first choice.

Applications will only be considered for those who put BOH as their first choice.

Can I change my preference in January?

Providing you have fulfilled your entry criteria, you can change your preference.

What UAI do I need to achieve to be eligible to apply?

The minimum UAI which will be accepted is 70% it is dependant on the number of applicants as to the highest UAI.

I have a Dental Assisting Certificate, can I use this as my UAI?

No. Dental Assisting Certificates will not be accepted. You must obtain a UAI from the qualifications listed above.

I have an undergraduate degree from overseas, can I use this to obtain a UAI?

If your degree is accredited with Sydney University and is less than 10 years old, you can use it to obtain your UAI.

If I am successful in the PQA and cannot attend the interview, will I still be considered?

No. Applicants will be offered a place in the BOH program on the basis of the three criteria, i.e. successfully completing the PQA, achieving a successful result in the Multiple Mini Interview and achieving a competitive UAI.

Can I transfer from another university to the BOH program.

There is no opportunity to transfer from another university to the BOH program. Applicants must apply according to the application process.

If I do not apply for the BOH program by end of September, can I put in a late application?

UAC will not accept any applications for the BOH program after the end of September.

I am an international student, can I apply for the BOH program?

The BOH is not available to international students.

If I am successful in obtaining a place in the BOH program will I be eligible for credits?

There are no credits given for any previous clinical study, however, if the science units of study are identical to those being offered by the BOH you may receive credits, this is at the discretion of the Director of the program.

Can I defer my offer?

No. Deferments to the BOH program are not possible due to the limited number of students who are accepted each year.

Are there any scholarships available for Bachelor of Oral Health?

There are scholarships available. Please see the scholarships website:

If I complete the BOH program will this automatically make me eligible for the Bachelor of Dentistry program?

There is no direct pathway to Dentistry and no preference is given to any BOH student.

Are there any Bridging courses for people who have completed a Dental Therapy or Dental Hygienist course?

There are no bridging courses available. If you wish to have the Dental Therapist/Hygienist qualifications you must complete the full 3 years of the BOH program.

Is the course full time or part time and is there any way the degree could be studied by correspondence?

The course is a full time 3 year face to face teaching and clinical course conducted on campus and cannot be studied by correspondence

Where will I be studying?

Teaching in the first and second years of the program will be carried out in existing facilities at Cumberland Campus as well as NSW's dental teaching hospitals:

Westmead Centre for Oral Health and The Sydney Dental Hospital. Teaching in the third year will take place wholly within the teaching hospitals.