BDent Frequently Asked Questions

25 June 2008

What do I need to do to apply for the Bachelor of Dentistry program?

To be considered for admission, all applicants must have completed or be in the final year of a Bachelor's degree and have achieved a weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 or above (which is the equivalent to a pass level at The University of Sydney) from an accredited university and have successfully completed GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test)..

Is preference given to applicants who put Dentistry as their only choice or first choice.

All applications are processed according to successfully fulfilling the application criteria. Applicants can apply for both the Graduate Dental program and the Graduate Medical program and no penalty is incurred for selecting both programs

What mark do I need to achieve in the GAMSAT to be eligible to apply?

Applicants must attain a minimum level of 50% in each of the three sections of GAMSAT for consideration for entry to the dental program. However, this does not guarantee an invitation to attend the interview as the Faculty uses a cut off, which is determined by the overall GAMSAT mark.. This cut off will not be determined until all applications are received. If applicants do not achieve the minimum of 50% in each of the three sections of GAMSAT, they are ineligible to apply.

Can I apply for the BDent program without sitting GAMSAT i.e are there any exceptions?

All local applicants without exception must sit GAMSAT. International applicants may sit the MCAT (North American Medical School Admission Test).. or the DAT (Dental Admission Test) or the Canadian Dental Admission Test or GAMSAT.

WhenshouldI sitGAMSAT?

As GAMSAT can be used for a period of 2 years, it is recommended that candidates sit GAMSAT at the beginning of the second year if completing a three year degree and at the beginning of the third year if completing a four year degree.

I completed my Bachelor's degree at another university and not at The University of Sydney. Will this affect my application?

No, as long as the university is an accredited Australian university and the degree is of a minimum of three years in duration. For information regarding overseas universities, please contact the International Office.

My degree was completed over 10 years ago. Can I still use it?

If your degree is over 10 years, you need to need to have completed postgraduate studies and a transcript is required to substantiate this. This postgraduate degree can be in the form of a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters. A PhD is not accepted as there is no evidence of obtaining results. The Postgraduate degree will not have any additional weighting on your Bachelor degree.

Do I have to complete a science related degree to be eligible to apply for Dentistry and will I receive any credits for study completed in this degree?

There is no specific degree which is recommended by the Faculty. Applicants are generally recommended to choose a degree in which they will do well and use if not accepted into the competitive dental program. There are no credits issued in the BDent program for previous study.

What criteria is used for local applicants to be offered Commonwealth Supported (HECS) places for the BDent program?

As there are only limited numbers of Commonwealth Supported places, applicants who are eligible for an interview will be offered a place according to merit. In the first instance places will be awarded according to the Interview score. Remaining CSP places will be awarded according to the interview score and then the overall GAMSAT score and the GPA.

I completed a Medical Degree at another University other than University of Sydney, am I eligible to apply for entry into the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Dentistry program?

No. Only Graduates of the Sydney University Graduate Medical programme are eligible to apply for this program. Sydney Medical and Dental students complete the same units of study in the first 2 years of the program and are then eligible to be given credits for these units of study. As the program is delivered in block form, i.e. Foundations of total Patient Care, Personal and professional development, Life Sciences and Dentist/Doctor in the Community, there cannot be any credits granted from study at other University as these Units of study are only offered at Sydney University. Applicants must apply as per all other applicants and must sit GAMSAT and complete the full 4 years of the degree. There can be no exceptions to this rule.

I am an international student and have applied for Permanent Residency. Can I apply as a local student?

If you have not received permanent residency at the close of applications, you need to apply as an international student. If you subsequently receive Permanent Residency after being offered a place and before commencing your Dentistry course, you will be offered a Commonwealth Supported Place. If your PR has been received after commencing the course and before the census cut off date i.e. 31st March for semester 1 and 31st August for semester 2 you will be offered a full fee paying place. If your PR is received after the cut off date, you will be enrolled as an international student for that semester and then as a local fee paying student in the next semester.

Are international applicants required to sit GAMSAT?

International applicants can sit either GAMSAT or MCAT or the Canadian DAT or the US DAT. Most international applicants living in Australia sit GAMSAT and a small number sit MCAT.

Are there any scholarships available for Dentistry?

There are scholarships available. Please see the scholarships website: