Faculty Research Day

10 December 2008

What an exciting and fabulous day. This year was outstanding with great support from BDent 3 and 4 students, BOH years 1, 2 and 3, postgraduate students and staff all in attendance - close to 400 registrations on the day.

The oral presentations covered all areas of dentistry and showcased just how diverse our profession can be.

Poster presentations this year were of an extremely high standard and judging in both the BOH and BDent Honours was extremely difficult.




GC ASIA Dental International Prize for best Honours Poster Presentation went to:

K Dasilva JMY Lam and N Wu - Supervisor Dr Peter Duckmanton



GC ASIA Dental Hnonourable Mentions to: 

Green, P Klages and M Blenkin - Supervisor A/Prof Chris Griffiths, Y Andreani and B Yang - Supervisors A/Prof Hans Zoellner and A/Prof Doug Stewart


BOH 3 - Dentsply Prize went to:

C Contreras, W King, K Moran and T Tran, Honourable Mention to:

C Mullen, M Trivedi, M Wijeratne and M Williamson