Success for Bachelor of Oral Health Program at USYD

11 February 2009

All the BOH students passed their examinations and graduated. The external examiners commented on the high standard of knowledge and understanding displayed by the students. We congratulate them and wish them well as they enter practice.




In July 2008, the NSW Dental Board recognised the scopes of practice of Dental Hygiene, Dental Therapy, and Oral Health Therapy within private practice.  This is single regulatory step brought dentistry in NSW into a closer alignment with the rest of Australasia, and will open the way for the possibilities of a more thorough-going team approach into the rest of the 21st Century.  


In semester 2, a very successful collaboration with three Area Health Services: Sydney West, Sydney South West, and North Sydney and Central Coast in piloting Dental Therapy care to children and adolescents in community clinics during the second semester. In this initiative the students worked in pairs with oversight from the Faculty's Clinical Educators, most of whom were Dental Therapists. The Area Health Services provided the clinical venues, and administration and sterilising support. The evaluation clearly showed that this extra-mural placement was positive for both the final year BOH students and the Area Health Services. In 2009, the extra-mural clinics will continue and be extended.




This year, the intake of students into the BOH program has been increased to 30 and the numbers applying have also increased. 


The current curriculum of the Dentistry program is under review. This provides a opportunity to not only improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Faculty teaching within each program, but to fully integrate a team approach into the Faculty's Dentistry and Oral Health curricula.