The ADA Roland Bryant Cup

1 June 2011

It was 2 degrees celsius when the day began at the crack of dawn but by the time the sun went down, Charles Sturt University (CSU) had hosted five spirited and thrilling sporting matches with CSU winning the day in the final match of the day.

Both the men's soccer and the mixed hockey went to penalty shootouts to decide the winner and basketball was point for point until the very end. Indeed, those who witnessed the day's sporting events would not only be encouraged by the sportsmanship and camaraderie but also by the sheer quality of sport played by both sides, with some of the teams having boasting state and national level players.

In the end, the Roland Bryant Cup was designed to a forge a greater relationship between the big brother, The University Of Sydney and the little brother, CSU. It has done this and more, with new friendships, connections and a sharing of ideas between the two dental schools. As far as The Roland Bryant Cup is concerned, the little brother has thrown the first couple of punches, winning the inaugural event in 2010 and more recently the 2011 RB Cup. Sydney Dental School's time will come next year no doubt, with the home ground advantage and interest in the RB Cup growing year by year.

The event was a huge success and all those who attended will talk of Tim Whitworth (BDent 3) and his heroics in the penalty shoot-out. James Hurrell (Bdent 4) played with skill and tenacity and Christine Yu (BDent 3) played with the fearlessness of a woman twice her size, but in the end one player stood out and that was John Kim (BDent 4) who was adjudged player of the Cup for Sydney.

Special mention must also go to the Team Captains; Mark Bennett (BDent 3- Soccer), Rachel Chung (Bdent 3- Netball), Jacob Stretton (BDent 2), Tom Shumack (Bdent 2- Hockey), Alex Aguilar and Sean Lim (BDent 3- Basketball) whose organisation and leadership galvanised dental students from across the years. Thank you to Prof Roland Bryant for coming down to watch us, to Prof Chris Peck for his continuing support, to Andrew Watkins (Bdent 3) and Adam Barrett (CSU) for creating, organising and running the event and last but not least, the ADA without whom this event would not be possible. Thanks to our hosts CSU who were so hospitable and generous that their warmth helped us weather the cold conditions of Orange.

The ADA Roland Bryant Cup 2011 was a day to remember for me personally and for all us dental students. It will stay etched fondly in my memory as one of the highlights of my dental student career and hopefully next year we can embellish those memories with a big win and keep the RB Cup in Sydney!

Rohan Krishnan.

Sports Representative.

Dentistry Year 3 Student (USYD).

Pictures: Courtesy Simon Hampton

CSU and USYD, Dental Schools together
CSU and USYD, Dental Schools together

Team Captains Andrew Watkins (USYD) and Adam Barrett (CSU)-
Team Captains Andrew Watkins (USYD) and Adam Barrett (CSU)-

Prof Roland Bryant presents cup to Adam Barrett (CSU)
Prof Roland Bryant presents cup to Adam Barrett (CSU)

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