4 July 2011

Please join the Dean in the Faculty in applauding our colleague in the Faculty of Dentistry and alumni of the University of Sydney, Dr. Manish Arora, on being awarded a highly coveted and prestigious National Institute of Health (NIH) grant, for his work on the environment and oral health.

The bestowal of this very rare and distinguished award - with a total projected value of $980k - is a heady incentive for colleagues and alumni to consider approaching and analysing challenges for national and global oral health. The project is the result of 10 years of research and development that Dr. Arora started in 2001 as a PhD student in our Faculty and then later expanded during his fellowship training in the US. The grant will allow Dr. Arora to lead the oral health component of a major project established by Harvard University which has arms in Australia, USA, Italy and Mexico.

Dr Arora joined our Faculty in 2001 and graduated with a PhD in 2005. He undertook a research fellowship at Harvard, returning in 2007 to take up a senior lectureship and head the Evidence-Based Practice and Research Methods teachings across the three major courses (BOH, BDent and DClinDent). He now also enjoys membership in the Institute of Dental Research and is a visiting scientist at Harvard University. Whilst doing most of the research at Sydney, Dr Arora holds an honorary position at Harvard thus providing the global visibility and NIH recognition of his work.

In 2010, Dr Arora was also privileged with the award of an AusAID award(ALA Fellowship) to train a research fellow in clinical epidemiology and an NIH sub-award from the University of California - Berkeley. We wish him continued success in his research and teaching.

Phone: 02 9351 8334