ORCA meeting - Young Investigator Award

2 August 2011

It is with immense pride that we learnt of Faculty of Dentistry Alumna, Dr Nattida Charadram's international success at the 58th European Organisation for Caries Research (ORCA) Conference in Kaunas, Lithuania, this month and won the Young Investigator Award with her research, `Influence of Matrix Metalloproteinase 2 (MMP-2) on Caries-Odontoblast Reaction and Formation of Reactionary Dentine'.

With more than 60 participants from all parts of the world competing for this most prestigious and coveted prize, her co-supervisor, Professor Mike Swain, who also attended and presented at the ORCA conference, proudly reported that the judges were exceptionally impressed both by the depth and extent of the work and with Nattida's ability to genuinely understand the science and its implications.

He added that many leading and eminent scientists in this field also expressed their view of the excellence of this work and hoped that direction of research would continue.

Nattida was also recognised for `The Most outstanding PhD Research Presentation' awarded on the Faculty of Dentistry 2010 Research Day and we congratulate her on this world-class recognition of her talent and excellence in research.