Rural Placement in Albury - Student Report

2 August 2011

Our rural placement at the Albury Community Dental Clinic was very enjoyable and enabled us to gain a wide range of clinical experiences, which included extractions and suturing, treating dry socket, restorative dentistry and endodontics.

Our skilled guiding dentists were supportive and provided appropriate guidance in a friendly, collegial environment. Also extremely helpful were the attending dental nurses and therapists who provided assistance when needed. Leadership, respect, equity and a high quality of treatment was observed.

We attended sessions at the Albury Base Dental Hospital where we observed paediatric dental treatment of children and adolescents under GA, and periodontic consultation and treatment at the clinic.

We were fortunate to have practised in a modern clinic in Albury and have the opportunity to use digital radiography, computer software to manage patients' information, access digital OPGs and treatment plan, along with a vast array of dental instruments and material.

We enjoyed staying at serviced apartments, touring Albury attractions such as the Murray River and Monument Hill. Also touring surrounding regions in Victoria such as the pristine Bright, Myrtleford, and Beechworth, and being invited by the staff to Country lunches were other highlights of our stay.

Finally, the patients and people of Albury were very hospitable, friendly, appreciated our work, underscoring the enjoyment of our chosen profession.

Yvonne EL-Zoghbi and Julie Mok