New travelling Scholarship for General Staff

30 August 2011

The University has launched a 'General Staff Travelling Scholarship' to provide eligible general staff with learning and professional development opportunities in an international environment.

The $10,000 scholarship is open to all members of continuing general staff, HEO Level 7 and above, who are currently employed at 0.6 FTE (full-time equivalent) or higher FTE and have been at the University for a minimum of two years.

The scholarship will allow general staff to: collaborate with international colleagues and strengthen links between the University of Sydney and other universities/institutions

  • undertake practical experience and/or specialised project work which expands on activities available within the University
  • benchmark current services and practices
  • investigate administrative best practice (eg policies, systems, procedures).

A maximum of four scholarships will be awarded this year. Each scholarship is available for up to 12 months from award of the scholarship. Scholarship winners can travel for up to three months in that year. Applications open tomorrow (Friday 19 August) and close on 14 October 2011.

View the selection criteria, frequently asked questions, and application form on the Human Resources website.

For more information, contact Lauren Wells, HR Project Officer, on 9036 9674

A great opportunity is now being offered to keen and ambitious members of our general staff. Please go to the HR site for further details.

Phone: 02 9351 8334