Interfaculty game of Rugby

21 September 2011

Friday the 16th of September saw the 3rd Interfaculty game of Rugby at the St.John's Oval at The University of Sydney.

The Dentistry team, coached by Dr Neil Peppitt and Tom Shumack (BDent 3), was able to overcome injuries to numerous players to win 7-0 against Veterinary Science in a grueling and committed display of Rugby.

A devastating last minute tryby the Medicine team gave them victory the week before. This week however, Dentistry, showing immense passion and toughness, put their best boots forward in the final game to grind out a win for the first time in a few years. A roar of support and encouragement was heard from the stands for the victorious team!

Credit and thanksto devoted coaches Neil Peppitt and Tom Shumack who also gave up their time to bring a group of students together as a team, many of whom had never played Rugby before. The students involved trained twice a week for the winter months, sacrificing their Friday and Sunday evenings.

Most encouraging was that almost the entire team will be retained to compete in next year's Rugby matches. With more experience and training over the next fewyearsthe future looks exciting for Denitstry Rugby.

Rohan Krishnan

BDent 3 Sports Rep

The team is as follows

Bottom Row (Right to Left): Neil (wearing the white cap), Peter Thode, David Hua, Michael Pavitt, Rohan Krishnan, Andrew Watkins, Alex Ryan, David Thode, David Deall, Jacob Stretton, Tom Shumack.

Top Row (Right to left): Tom Mostyn, Adam Tuffin, Joeseph Hajj, Trevor Pinchin, Garret Cunningham, Tom Hurrell, Joeseph Saouma, Justin Ho, Jim Nguyen, James El-Khoury, Charlie Thompson, Tim Whitworth, Andrew Thode, Michael Skilbeck, Michael Carter, Michael Franco.