International Program Development Fund (IPDF) grant to Dr Rahena Akhter

13 October 2011

We proudly announce the award of a 2012 International Program Development Fund (IPDF) grant to Dr Rahena Akhter for her project `Jaw muscle pain and jaw motor function'

Says Dr Akhter `Our main aim is to improve the management of chronic orofacial pain by providing fundamental information on mechanisms.

We will be collaborating with Osaka University which is ranked in the top 20 institutions according to THES or Shanghai Jiao Tong with Professor Yoshida's research laboratory to help develop projects that will improve the management of patients with chronic orofacial pain. This collaboration would build international exchange opportunities for our students and international experience for staff. It would also help build partnerships and networks. Through this collaboration, we would be able to fulfill the strategic goals of the University of Sydney by developing our capacity for excellence in teaching and research.

Further, we also believe that the proposed research would help in curriculum development by ensuring students receive integrated, coherent learning experiences on chronic orofacial pain and the aetiological mechanisms that might be involved. The Faculty of Dentistry supports the University of Sydney's goal of internationalization, and our project has the potential to establish collaborative links with a prestigious overseas University. The outcome of collaboration would have significant therapeutic implications in management of chronic pain which would help the society both locally and globally.'

Please join the faculty in applauding this wonderful accomplishment by Rahena as Chief Investigator who is also joined by Chris Peck and Greg Murray as investigators.

Phone: 02 935