Visit of a very special friend of Sydney Dentistry

10 November 2011

Last Friday the Dean hosted a very special visitor to the Sydney Dental Hospital.

Mrs Jenny Parramore, accompanied by family members, came to meet and chat to the first Waterman scholarship recipients at an informal gathering.

Mrs Parramore's donation to Dentistry made it possible for the faculty to offer financial support to students for the first time this year. Her gift honours the memory of her parents, Willem and Leni Waterman, whose ethos of quiet generosity made a difference to the lives of many people. Jenny, as she insists on being called, was very keen to hear about our students' experience and motivations for choosing their field of study as she was herself a dental nurse working in a Macquarie Street surgery before training as a general nurse. In her own words, Jenny always insisted on her children taking good care of their teeth and attending the dentist regularly and is concerned that the connection of good oral health to general health is not understood by the community. Especially mothers of young children who could so easily prevent a lot of pain and ill health by taking good care of their children's teeth from the outset.