A tribute to Associate Professor Robin Woods

16 November 2011

'A tribute to Associate Professor Robin Woods AM, BDS (1954) MDS (2004)

The following comments are written as a small recognition for the service, expert advice and teaching that Professor Robin Woods has provided to the Faculty of Dentistry at The University of Sydney. It is important to note that Professor Woods has undertaken these Sydney activities whilst a full-time practitioner in Yass.

Importantly, Robin has had a major commitment to the Federal Australian Dental Association (ADA Inc.) and ongoing international commitments through the FDI, over four decades. His involvement in particular as an advisor on pharmacological matters was especially important through his carefully crafted and very helpful 'Guide to the use of drugs in dentistry' which has been published and distributed through the ADA, with the first edition in 1972.This contribution has been a major one for the benefit of the dental profession, and has been a benchmark text in the field for four decades. It continues to be a seminal publication for dental practice.

Robin has had a dedicated continuous involvement with our Faculty, and his University title of Clinical Associate Professor duly acknowledges his commitment to service and leadership. Many past students have been privileged to be taught by Professor Woods and staff have benefitted from his sage advice at Faculty Board meetings at which he would always present in person.

What is particularly amazing about Robin's ongoing commitment to his profession through both service to patients and the ADA and academic dentistry, is that all these achievements have been made simultaneously with Robin remaining firmly involved in regional general practice.

We wish him well in retirement and know that his friendship, teaching and guidance will be sorely missed .

Chris Peck'

A/Prof Robin Woods
A/Prof Robin Woods