Postgraduate Roundtable Event Toolkit

22 March 2012

Welcome to the Postgraduate Roundtable Event Toolkit

This toolkit contains a number of elements to help you promote your event.

This includes:

* eDM in html

* copy for a plain text eDM (you can tweak this to adjust to your audience)

* PowerPoint slide for your plasma screens

* web button - one button for all events (to link back to [[||]])

* web banner

* A4 poster for you to print and display

The Student Recruitment Unit will send eDMs to all current undergraduate students from year 3 onwards as well as all enquiries and recent alumni and we suggest you do not do additional broadcasts to these groups unless it's especially specific and tailored.

Faculties/Divisions are requested to send eDMs to all professional bodies and associations with which you have links as well as any other lists that have existing outside Sydney Student.

If possible, please have the web banner up on your faculty website by the end of this week or early next week. Engineering, Arts and Architecture are participating in more than one event. I suggest you have two iterations of your web banner, a couple of weeks for the first event, followed by a couple of weeks of the second, but you may want to time these to suit your objectives.

We also have other elements available from the photo shoot last year and they are not necessarily included in this toolkit. If you would like copies of any photos or web banners from last year's photo shoot containing a student from your faculty let me know and I will forward that to you. You may want to use those to create a campaign page.

If you would like to do any advertising, either online or print, SRU can help you with artwork.

If you have any questions about using this toolkit or the resources it contains, please email Ellen Gregory or call ext 17822.

Contact: Erika Anza-Mosman

Phone: 02 9351 7379

Email: 5c070e592f592f173b52465f231d5e05391204343d19561d5d110c2740065a