Encompass - "Class Notes"

24 March 2012

Dear Dentistry students, staff and full/part time faculty:

We are considering a new section in the Faculty newsletter 'Encompass' to be called 'Class Notes'.

In this small section we would like to feature student/alumni stories which could interest your friends and colleagues ... new baby, recent marriage, completed marathon, music you've heard, books you've read, great experiences, learnt something new, achieved some personal goal, anything you want to share. No politics please!

If you want to be considered for this section of Encompass please send it to me for consideration in the next issue and don't forget to join good hi-res photos.

Contact: Denise Fischer

Phone: 02 9351 8300

Email: 6b53223d2a2f422c5807000a0d442d054d261c22304a2756031a0023