Outstanding athletes and scholars - David Thode

14 May 2012

Writes BDent3 student David Thode, `Although we are all focussed on achieving the goal of getting through the challenges that are posed by studying Dentistry, having a different passion to focus on can make the achievement easier, and also keep you sane. A pastime such as sport not only gives you some downtime from textbooks, but also helps develop attributes that make study easier: the ability to work towards achieving goals, dealing with adversity, communicating with team mates and understanding what needs to be achieved to accomplish a goal apply not only on the sporting field, but in Dentistry.

Sport has been a vital part of my success so far in my studies: having an outlet away from Dentistry, allowing me some of my proudest moments (Captaining Australia overseas and achieving University Blues) and keeping fit definitely helps with Dentistry: the energy you have if you're fit and relaxed helps you get through what needs to be done, and you can always escape that "study funk" that I'm sure we've all been in.

Having a passion away from Dentistry is a key component of becoming a balanced, healthy, well-rounded professional that we all want to be. Although you may think you don't have time, a small amount of time invested away from the books will make for a better person, and better results.'