Peru Dental volunteer project 2012

30 May 2012

Name of Project: Australian Volunteer Dental Campaign

Name of Project Coordinator: Ms Tany Herrera

Address: 28/ 6-10 Minogue Crescent

Suburb: Forest Lodge State: NSW Postcode 2037
Email address:

Type of Organization: Peruvian Registered Charity (NGO)

Year Established: 2008

Name of local host Organization: Peru Charity Foundation, INC

Country of Project: Peru

Region in Country of Project: Apurimac

Project type: Free Dental Service Delivery
Clinic Facilities: Fixed Dental Clinic

Program Mission:

PCF welcomes Australian volunteers to provide free Dental care to the poorest communities of the Andes Region. We would appreciate you to bring any medical supplies, tools and equipment donated and of course your expertise, to assist this Humanitarian Dental Campaign.

Peru Charity Foundation INC, (NGO) welcomes Australian volunteers to provide free health care for up to 1000 kids and 250 adults in these communities living in the poorest region in Peru.
We cover areas high in the Andes mountains, some local people walk 4 hours to get to our Dental Clinic to receive treatment. The Apurimac Region communities are said to be the poorest in all of Peru.

Each year, PCF aims to assemble a team of volunteers from Australia to travel to Peru and bring donated Dental supplies by Australian companies, to provide the large communities with Free Dental Care.

We have a Peruvian Volunteer Team in Lima, Andahuaylas and Pampachiri, local staff that help the volunteers with translation, cultural issues and our protocols.

There is no cost to the volunteers, other than airfares, any personal tourist attraction or sightseeing. Food, accommodation will be provided to working volunteers, free of charge.

Peru and the Apurimac Region, offer a variety of Tourist attractions and activities for the Travelers. We will be able to advice them on Destinations, and also Food and Beverage is very cheap while traveling!

We are open most of the year but volunteers need to liaise services according to PCF schedule, from January to March its the rainy season in the mountains region (Peruvian Sierras). No volunteers are advised to travel during this time!

We would welcome you to bring GIC, LA, acid etch, fluoride, Duraphat, polish and any vital Dental supplies.

Dental Hygiene and Prevention Posters, Educational Material, some soft toys for the children and of course your Smile!

PCF Endeavors to provide the best volunteer experience and support you all the way!

Hyperlink to regional website:

Project venue: Fixed Dental clinic in Pampachiri, Andahuaylas Apurimac. We also have a mobile clinic, provided by the Regional Ministry of Health (Minsa)

Please ensure you consult information on medical and safety issues and necessary immunization for specific countries from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)