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December 2008
Faculty Research Day   View Summary
10 December 2008
Huge success due to quality of research work submitted by Postgraduate students, Dentistry and Bachelor of Oral Health students.
Our achieving students   View Summary
10 December 2008
Faculty of Dentistry Post Graduate students excel in their endeavours' to progress their studies further.
Saving Grace of Dentistry   View Summary
4 December 2008
village in Dali, ChinaThe aim of this elective is to experience rural dentistry in China and compare dental awareness among the population in China vs. Australia.
November 2008
eLearning is happening at Dentistry   View Summary
15 November 2008
WebCT in actionFor the first time, WebCT technology has been rolled out across the Bachelor of Dentistry and the Bachelor of Oral Health.
September 2008
Would you like to make a direct contribution to the training of future dentists in NSW?   View Summary
29 September 2008
clinicThe Faculty of Dentistry is seeking to appoint a number of enthusiastic and dynamic Clinical Educators to facilitate the clinical and pre-clinical teaching and supervision requirements of the graduate entry Bachelor of Dentistry (BDent) program.
August 2008
Prizes   View Summary
18 August 2008
The Department of Pathology offers three prizes to USyd medical and dental students in their second year of study.
BOH Frequently Asked Questions    View Summary
1 August 2008
Frequently asked questions for the Bachelor of Oral Health program
June 2008
BDent Frequently Asked Questions   View Summary
25 June 2008
Frequently asked questions for the Bachelor of Dentistry program