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December 2016
10 tips for future Bachelor of Oral Health students   View Summary
16 December 2016
Tips for upcoming Bachelor of Oral Health StudentsWe caught up with some of our current Bachelor of Oral Health students to find out what advice they have for our upcoming students. From purchasing textbooks to time management, find out what they had to say to make the first year of university a little easier.
Celebrating Excellence at the 2016 Faculty of Dentistry Prize Giving Ceremony   View Summary
15 December 2016
Prize Giving CeremonyThe annual Prize Giving Ceremony recognises the best and brightest students and staff, and honours outstanding achievements, leadership and academic excellence from 2016. The Dean, Professor Chris Peck, welcomed award winners, prize recipients and their families, donors and guests at the ceremony.
Exploring the microbiome at the 2016 Theo Murphy Australian Frontiers of Science symposium   View Summary
8 December 2016
http://sydney.edu.au/dentistry/staff/profiles/christina.adler.phpWe caught up with Dr Christina Adler who presented at the 2016 Murphy Australian Frontiers of Science meeting to find out more about her research and how will help to transform the future of dentistry.
November 2016
Taking orthodontics innovation to the world stage   View Summary
9 November 2016
Doreen NgThe last year of a degree can be stressful. But for Doreen Ng, it has been an opportunity to show her dedication to the field of dentistry, research and innovation. We spoke to Doreen about these opportunities to learn more about her research.
October 2016
Dr Lawrence F Smith Scholarship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students in Dentistry   View Summary
26 October 2016
Dr Lawrence F SmithThe Faculty of Dentistry welcomes a generous gift from Dr Lawrence (Lawrie) Smith, a Faculty of Dentistry alumnus.
Antibiotic resistance in oral bacteria   View Summary
21 October 2016
Antibiotic resistanceAn abstract written by several of our academics focuses on the issue of rising antibiotic resistance and how new genetic methods are being used to understand the basis and transmission of resistance among bacteria in the oral environment and beyond.
Recognising our war heroes   View Summary
14 October 2016
War heroesA number of Faculty of Dentistry students from the University of Sydney volunteered to serve in World War One and Two. Seven of these students gave their lives. We remember them along with other Faculty of Dentistry students who also served and are still with us.
September 2016
Annual Dentistry Research Day    View Summary
26 September 2016
research day On Thursday 22 September, the Faculty of Dentistry hosted its annual Research Day at the Westmead Education and Conference Centre.
Aboriginal health equality: the Poche Centre's vision for change   View Summary
22 September 2016
healthy teethThe University of Sydney's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health will continue its focus on three high-need areas under its new 2016-2020 Strategic Plan - Healthy Kids. Healthy Teeth. Healthy Hearts.
August 2016
The faculty hosts dental students from Japan as part of an exchange program   View Summary
29 August 2016
exchange programThe Faculty of Dentistry was delighted to have the opportunity to host students from Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) and Osaka Dental University (ODU) in July and August.
Dental students run the City2Surf to raise funds for dental service charity   View Summary
23 August 2016
City2SurfThis year, the City2Surf saw 80,000 entrants take part in the popular annual Sydney race, with 40 of those being Sydney University Dental Association (SUDA) Faculty of Dentistry students.
Newly funded research project aimed at improving dental outcomes of smokers   View Summary
12 August 2016
New project Professor Heiko Spallek of the Faculty of Dentistry will represent the faculty as one of the chief investigators leading a team that will research the effects of computerised clinical decision support (CDS) systems on the delivery of smoking cessation by dentists and dental hygienists as part of a newly funded project.
The Faculty of Dentistry professional, Robyn Watson to be appointed President of the IFDH   View Summary
10 August 2016
Robyn WatsonThe Faculty of Dentistry Elective Unit of Study Coordinator, Robyn Watson has been appointed the President of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (IFDH) in June 2016.
Health Collaboration Challenge - Take two   View Summary
4 August 2016
Health Team ChallengeThe University of Sydney is leading large-scale interprofessional learning. One of our goals is to better prepare students for practice.
July 2016
The Judith and Dr Mario Adamo Implant Innovation Scholarship   View Summary
7 July 2016
AdamoThis year, the Faculty of Dentistry will be welcoming a new endowed scholarship to encourage innovation in implant dentistry. The new scholarship is The Judith and Dr Mario Adamo Implant Innovation Scholarship.
June 2016
SAGE gender equality in STEMM   View Summary
16 June 2016
SAGEThe University of Sydney is participating in the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) pilot program and is seeking students to join the SAGE Self Assessment Team (SAT) that will drive the project across campus.
May 2016
Charles Perkins Centre Westmead Launch   View Summary
25 May 2016
Joerg Eberhard On 24 May, Chair of Lifespan Oral Health at the University, Joerg Eberhard, presented at the Charles Perkins Centre Westwead launch about the mission of his team in easing the global burden of rising health related conditions through increased oral health.
April 2016
Government's subsidised dental care plan cautiously welcomed   View Summary
28 April 2016
Dental careThe University of Sydney's Dean of Dentistry, Professor Chris Peck has cautiously welcomed the federal government's plan to spend $5 billion over four years subsidising a public dental scheme it hopes will provide treatment to more than 10 million people.
Wakil donation to transform approach to health care    View Summary
21 April 2016
Susan and Isaac WakilThe University of Sydney has received a $35 million gift from the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation. In 2015 the Wakils gave an unprecedented $10.8 million to Sydney Nursing School to establish 12 annual nursing scholarships, bringing their total University giving to nearly $46 million.
Cutting the risk of chronic diseases through better oral health   View Summary
18 April 2016
Professor J̦erg EberhardThe University of Sydney's newly appointed Chair of Lifespan Oral Health, Professor Jöerg Eberhard has set his sights on establishing a world-class research centre dedicated to improving oral health and unraveling connections between poor oral health and major health issues such as heart attacks, stroke, vascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and poor outcomes in pregnancy.
March 2016
Celebrating Excellence in the Faculty-Student Awards   View Summary
22 March 2016
Student_Awards_2016_thumbnailOn Friday 4 March 2016 the Dean, Professor Chris Peck, welcomed award winners, prize recipients and their families, donors and guests at the 2016 Faculty of Dentistry's Prize Giving Ceremony.
Professor Heiko Spallek - Pro Dean   View Summary
17 March 2016
H_Spallek_thumbnailRecently welcomed as Pro Dean in the Faculty of Dentistry, Professor Heiko Spallek has 'hit the ground running' in his specialty of dental informatics.