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December 2017
6 things we discovered about studying oral health   View Summary
7 December 2017
15 questions with Bachelor of Oral Health studentWalking through Sydney Dental School Westmead Clinic, we asked Bachelor of Oral Health student, Andrew Somerville, 15 questions about studying oral health at the University of Sydney.
Strengthening oral health in the elderly   View Summary
1 December 2017
oral health function in the elderly In late October 2017, Professor Chris Peck was invited to attend a global health forum in Taipei to discuss oral function in the elderly.
November 2017
Sydney researcher Heiko Spallek contributes to US research to reduce opioid use in dental care   View Summary
21 November 2017
Professor Heiko SpallekProfessor Heiko Spallek will contribute his expertise in health information technology and system workflow mapping to inform the development of the CDS for US research project that is funded with USD 2,9 million.
Five ways to prepare your child for the dentist   View Summary
17 November 2017
Chiildren visiting the dentistThe University of Sydney's Dr Carrie Tsai explains the importance of children visiting the dentist regularly and how parents can prepare their child for the trip.
Oral health students make a difference in aged care facilities   View Summary
17 November 2017
Bachelor of Oral Health students conducting oral health programHigh percentages of residents living in aged care facilities are dependent on the care of staff for their oral health. Our Bachelor of Oral Health students conducted several tailored oral health promotion programs within aged care centres in rural and regional NSW.
Vale Professor Mark Jolly, AM   View Summary
9 November 2017
Professor Mark JollyProfessor Mark Jolly had such a profound influence on our lives and careers. Professor Jolly was a softly spoken visionary. He provided strong, robust and stable leadership to the University of Sydney Dental Faculty Department of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery, as McCaughey Professor of Oral Surgery from 1965 until 1988, ably supported by GCS, NHHS and LPO.
October 2017
Students teach primary school children oral health skills   View Summary
27 October 2017
Students teach oral health skillsBachelor of Oral Health students taught public school children dental hygiene skills and provided oral health screenings as part of the Carevan Sun Smiles program.
Faculty of Dentistry acquires DIAGNOcam technology   View Summary
25 October 2017
diagnocamFrom next year, Doctor of Dental Medicine students will have access to the DIAGNOcam diagnostic tool in the cariology clinic.
Wonder women of STEMM   View Summary
25 October 2017
Women in STEMMNational Science Week, this year held from 12 to 20 August, aims to encourage an interest in science among the general public. In celebration of this year's event, the University profiled some of its leading female academics from across the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics)fields.
Research in Dentistry at the University of Sydney   View Summary
25 October 2017
Dentistry Research at the University of SydneyDentistry research at the University of Sydney is focused on lifespan oral health. We are delivering advances in treatment, improving our understanding of the complex mechanisms that cause disease and driving improved outcomes across Australia and around the world.
Evelyn Howe, psychologist made dental visit less painful   View Summary
19 October 2017
Evelyn HoweEvelyn Howe is a clinical psychologist, dental psychology pioneer and the first woman to earn a dental PhD in Sydney. Howe shined bright with wit, humour and kindness, but it's her serious work that enlightened the future most. Find out about the struggle and progress of women to gain full participation and recognition.
Conference takeaways from our academics   View Summary
17 October 2017
Conference takeawaysThere are many benefits to attending industry conferences. They are an important way to remain active within the dental industry, to network with other professionals and organisations and to stay up to date with the latest research and trends within the field of dentistry.
The link between diet and dental health   View Summary
10 October 2017
Dr Steven LinMeet Dr Steven Lin, University of Sydney alumnus, TEDx speaker and author of MindBodyGreen and the upcoming The Dental Diet. Dr Lin is a passionate whole-health advocate with a focus on the link between nutrition and dental health. With his new book due to hit the shelves in January 2018, we spoke to Dr Lin to find out about his work in the dental field and what readers can expect from The Dental Diet.
Society support pays rich dividends for dentistry   View Summary
4 October 2017
rich dividends The Australian Society of Orthodontics (ASO) NSW Branch has been a key contributor to dentistry at the University of Sydney, by supporting teaching and research in orthodontics.The success of the discipline and the Chair in Orthodontics at Sydney are directly attributable to the ASO and its members, of which we are very proud.
Why rural placements are invaluable to students    View Summary
3 October 2017
rural placementsThe University encourages rural placements across all its health and medicine programs.
Here's how to Google for a new dentist   View Summary
1 October 2017
googleFinding a new dentist or therapist online can be confusing, but here's how to make that search easier, according to Dr Alexander Holden.
September 2017
I study Bachelor of Oral Health - Amy Lo Monaco   View Summary
26 September 2017
I study oral healthWe asked our Bachelor of Oral Health student, Amy for her experience studying at the University of Sydney.
Gift supports 'putting the mouth into health' dentistry research   View Summary
8 September 2017
gift to support 'putting the mouth into health' researchA generous gift from Henry Schein Halas and NSK will accelerate translational clinical dentistry research to understand the effects of dental treatment on general health, and enable research studies with participants from a wider Australian population.
August 2017
Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah Wang receives the ADRF Student Grant   View Summary
11 August 2017
Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah WangUniversity of Sydney Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah Wang, has won the Australian Dental Research Foundation Student Research Grant (ADRF) for 2017 - 2018.
Oral health advice from our dental experts    View Summary
2 August 2017
Dental Health WeekTo celebrate Dental Health Week, we asked our dental experts what advice they have for keeping a healthy mouth. From brushing and flossing techniques to what you should, and shouldn't eat, find out what they recommend.
July 2017
Biting and chewing forces tooth growth   View Summary
20 July 2017
Biting and chewingUniversity of Sydney researchers have found chewing and biting to be the cause of adult teeth breaking through the gums rather than an innate, unknown force.
June 2017
3D printing may revolutionise root canal therapy   View Summary
15 June 2017
root canal therapyUniversity dentistry researchers have created 3D-printed artificial blood vessels that could revolutionize root canal therapy to help people retain fully functioning teeth.
The future of dental professionalism in Australia   View Summary
9 June 2017
dental professionalismWhat are the future challenges that the dental profession in Australia faces? Find out as Dr Alexander Holden shares his thoughts.
May 2017
The future of academic collaboration   View Summary
26 May 2017
future of academic collaborationThese days, people are more connected than ever before. This is true in private life as well as in the workplace where technology facilitates cross-departmental communication, regardless of geographical location. However, cooperation between academics is often limited for a variety of reasons. Dr Heiko Spallek discusses this.
Dr Daniel Tan receives the Judith and Dr Mario Adamo Implant Innovation Scholarship   View Summary
23 May 2017
Judith and Dr Mario Adamo Implant Innovation ScholarshipWe interviewed Dr Daniel Tan, prosthodontic registrar and winner of the first Judith and Dr Mario Adamo Implant Innovation Scholarship in 2016.
University alumni welcome students to Dubbo   View Summary
16 May 2017
dentistry alumni dubboDentistry students doing their rural placements in Dubbo were hosted at a 'welcome dinner' this month by University of Sydney alumni and husband and wife team, Dr Antonia Lalousis and Dr Amjad Aghdaei.
April 2017
Beyond the gut: exploring the microbiome   View Summary
26 April 2017
Dr Christina AdlerFind out about Dr Christina Adler's research focusing on understanding how the oral microbiome evolves from a state of health to the current state of highly prevalent chronic infection and disease.
Discover the Bachelor of Oral Health with Rachel Williams   View Summary
21 April 2017
Rachel WilliamsBefore beginning the Bachelor of Oral Health degree, current student Rachel Williams worked in rural NSW as a dental assistant for Amajun Aboriginal Health Service. Read what led her to study at Sydney and her experience so far.
Dentistry research at the frontline of tobacco intervention   View Summary
21 April 2017
Dentistry research: tobaco interventionProfessor Heiko Spallek, Pro-Dean of Dentistry and Dr Brad Rindal, Associate Dental Director for Research at HealthPartners Institute, Minnesota are conducting a clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) to improve dental provider delivery of SBIRTs.
Joining the dots with Juliano Morimoto   View Summary
20 April 2017
Photo: Juliano MorimotoJuliano Morimoto is a postdoctoral research associate at the Charles Perkins Centre Oral and Systemic Health Research Node. We spoke with him to find out how he is working with scholars from a range of disciplines to explore the interconnectedness of our environment, our food and our health.
Establishment of the Noel Martin Visiting Chair in 2017   View Summary
13 April 2017
Noel Martin Visiting ChairThe Faculty of Dentistry is proud to welcome Professor James Deschner as the first appointment to this prestigious new chair.
6 things you didn't know about sugar   View Summary
10 April 2017
SugarThe University of Sydney recently hosted a Health Forum on 'Big sugar' where a panel of our experts discussed the issues surrounding sugar. We asked our panelists to give us their top insights into things we might not know about sugar.
March 2017
Honorary fellowship for dental pioneer Dr George Wing   View Summary
15 March 2017
Dr George WingDr George Wing has been awarded an honorary fellowship by the University of Sydney for his world class research in dentistry and other services to the discipline.
February 2017
Water flowing into remote schools and parks   View Summary
22 February 2017
Water flowing into remote schools and parksA scheme aimed at improving oral health and reducing obesity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities has installed cold fresh water in Boggabilla's school - and now also its town park.
Alumnus wins top US Presidential award   View Summary
3 February 2017
Dr Manish Arora receives US Presidential AwardThe Faculty of Dentistry alumnus, Dr Manish Arora received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) for his leading research on the life-long health effects of environmental factors.
Research study from postgraduate student, Dr Patterson, featured in American journal   View Summary
2 February 2017
Dr Braydon PattersonA combined study involving current postgraduate student Dr Braydon Patterson, titled 'Effect of piezocision on root resorption associated with orthodontic force: A microcomputed tomography study', has been published in the January 2017 edition of American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthodontics (AJO-DO).
Exploring big data and the future of dentistry at the Dental Public Health Informatics Colloquium   View Summary
1 February 2017
Dental Public Health Informatics ColloquiumThe American Institute for Dental Public Health (AIDPH) and the American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD) hosted the inaugural 'Dental Public Health Informatics Colloquium' in San Antonio, Texas, USA on 19 - 20 January 2017. Professor Heiko Spallek, Pro Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry was one of the keynote speakers.