Social Justice Fellows to break down barriers for society's most vulnerable

11 March 2014

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2014 Fellows

The 2014 Fellows: (Left to right) Solange Frost, Rivkah Nissim and Edwina Pickering will bring diverse and practical experience to their research projects at the Sydney Social Justice Network.

What can frontline social justice workers learn from academics and vice versa? And how can government policy better serve the most vulnerable people in our communities?

Three leading social justice professionals have just begun innovative new fellowships at the University of Sydney, which seeks to answer these questions.

The Sydney Social Justice Network (SSJN) has awarded the new Social Justice Network Community Fellowships to Rivkah Nissim, of the Race Discrimination Team at the Australian Human Rights Commission; Edwina Pickering, a health and community consultant and member of the NSW Guardianship Tribunal; and Solange Frost, senior policy officer at the Council of Social Service of NSW and a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

Based at the University of Sydney, the fellows will spend the next six months tapping into key research and expertise, while sharing their frontline experience of social justice to shape academic understanding and improve future government policy.

At the heart of the fellows' research is a determination to improve the government and service outcomes for vulnerable individuals.

Solange Frost brings with her specialist expertise in strategic public policy and advocacy. Working for a not-for-profit community sector peak organisation, she has successfully advocated NSW government on health NGO funding reforms.

During her fellowship, she will work on an issues paper and best practice principles for vulnerable and disadvantaged peoples' participation in government policy processes.

"From our perspective, it's really important that there are mechanisms for disadvantaged people to be involved in local decision-making and that some of those barriers can be redressed," said Ms Frost.

The SSJN is funded by the Sydney Research Networks Scheme and fosters new knowledge for social change, by nurturing a broad community of social justice researchers within and beyond the University of Sydney.

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