Forget the 3Rs: modern schools need to embrace the 4Cs

9 March 2017

As the political battle over school funding rumbles on, we run the risk of neglecting a glaring question: how can we prepare kids for a coming world where almost half of jobs will be displaced by technology?

Imagine a school where the teachers are really developing skills in innovation.

Innovation in how learning generates creativity in their students. Innovation that re-imagines learning as evermore engaging and challenging.

Imagine a school where the students have the agency to know how to learn. Where students have the curiosity and confidence to engage with the world as active citizens in small and big ways.

This is what we call 4C schools, and these schools exist. The 4Cs are creativity, critical reflection, collaboration and communication. In their classrooms and staffrooms, 4C schools are transforming learning and teaching through this quartet. But in these schools it takes will, energy, inquiry, courage and determination.

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