Turning the Tide ... in Indigenous literacy

17 April 2012

Clockwise, from above: Lionel Fogarty, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Larissa Behrendt, Peter Minter

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The Faculty of Education and Social Work in partnership with the University's Koori Centre launched Turning the Tide on Thursday, May 17, the first of three major events to be held this year that will showcase the work and contributions of Indigenous Australian writers and thinkers.

The event, which was held in association with Sydney Writers' Festival took place in the Great Hall (E17), with a panel of searingly talented Indigenous writers – Larissa Behrendt, Lionel Fogarty and Ali Cobby Eckermann – facilitated by the Koori Centre's coordinator of the Indigenous Australian Studies Peter Minter.

The faculty has long held strong links with the Indigenous Australian communities – comprising the descendants of the Eora Nation and the contemporary communities of Glebe and Redfern – and, in association with the Koori Centre, offers numerous courses focusing on Indigenous education. Indigenous engagement is a short- and long-term goal, as highlighted in the faculty's Strategic Plan 2011-15 (pdf, 664kB). The vision is to enhance the University's promotion of Indigenous participation, engagement, education and research.

The Indigenous Writers and Thinkers series will continue in Semester Two 2012 with events planned for August 8 and September 5, which is Indigenous Literacy Day. Additional information will be published on the faculty's website as it becomes available.

Alumni & Friends, staff, students, and may members of the public who were interested in Indigenous issues and outstanding writing attended Turning the Tide 2012. Behrendt, Fogarty and Cobby Eckermann read from their own works and, together with the audience, considered the place of Indigenous women in literature as well as the role of literature in Indigenous education and literacy.

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