Congratulations to our Undergraduate Scholarship winners

15 April 2014

Vamshika Bakshi, Arts/Education
Vamshika Bakshi, Arts/Education

The Faculty of Education and Social Work would like to congratulate its 2014 Undergraduate Scholarship winners.

Vamshika Bakshi, Arts/Education, University of Sydney Undergraduate Scholarship - Entry

Vamshika attended Girraween High School and plans to pursue a career path in academia.

"I decided to apply to study at the University of Sydney because I believed and still maintain, that it holds the best opportunities for someone deeply interested in Education and the Humanities," she said.

"What I understood the ethos of the University of Sydney to be was a strong appreciation for academic prestige, discipline and tradition.

"While many of my friends saw university as simply a means to an end, I saw it as a chance to better my understanding of the world in order to contribute back to society in a meaningful manner.

"I think my degree will help prepare me to become a lecturer in two key ways.

"I believe it will allow me to seek the acquisition of knowledge, as well as, the ability to effectively communicate that knowledge to a diverse spectrum people with different learning needs and capabilities."

Vamshika plans to purse Honours and a postgraduate research degree.

"My biggest and perhaps, most outlandish aspiration is to become a Rhodes scholar," she said.

Jessica Zeng, Arts/Education
Jessica Zeng, Arts/Education

Jessica Zeng, Arts/Education, University of Sydney Undergraduate Scholarshp - Entry

Jessica attended James Ruse Agricultural School and was the 2013 School Captain.

"Having decided to work towards becoming a high school teacher, I had heard great things about the combined education degree at the University of Sydney; so the two seemed to go hand in hand," she said.

"I also heard about the great social and cultural life with a myriad of clubs and societies available to join at the university, so it wasn't a hard decision to decide to apply for the University of Sydney!

"I've found the learning is a lot more independent and self-driven at university, but the University has been very supportive in helping first-year students to become accustomed to life and study on campus.

"I think the degree will equip me to become a teacher who is ready to enter the classroom with a concern for the education of young people, as well as prepare me for a lifetime of learning.

"I've already found the degree has helped me to reconsider my expectations of the profession as well as the challenges that will come with working with students from a range of backgrounds.

"My plans at the moment are to work and serve as a high school teacher in a public school located in a lower socio-economic area.

"I am excited and humbled to pursue this vocation with the potential to practically be a positive influence on these diverse communities.

"I hope I can be a catalyst for change wherever I'm placed to empower students to realise their academic potential, as well as develop their own values and actively pursue their own personal aspirations long beyond the classroom."

Madeline Owens, Arts/Education, University of Sydney Undergraduate Scholarship - Merit

Madeline attended Ravenswood Girls and plans to become a Secondary School Teacher.

"I researched the different courses for education across New South Wales, and decided that the University of Sydney was definitely best for me," she said.

"The arts and history programs here are very good and the education program is very interesting and challenging.

"There's a lot of work but I'm loving University so far!"

Information about the available undergraduate scholarships can be found here.

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