Arts and Creativity in Education

2 May 2016

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Complex real-world problems demand fresh, vibrant and innovative solutions.

Discover how we train our education graduates to harness their own creativity and activate those of their students through our new Arts and Creativity in Education website.

Our educators celebrate, nurture and share creativity.

As a leader in arts and creativity in education, the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney strives to make an impact through industry engagement and specialised field work.

Creative Leadership in Learning with the Sydney Opera House
We teach creativity through our innovative program with schools.

School Drama with Sydney Theatre Company
We use drama strategies with imaginative literature to enhance children's English and literacy development.

Artist in Residence
We engage with creative practitioners in the areas of writing, painting, screenwriting, script writing, illustration, and theatre production.

Sydney Story Factory
We nurture the creativity, confidence and wellbeing of young people through creative writing and storytelling workshops.

It’s time to reactivate our imagination.

Discover our creative approach to education now.