Alumna wins top education award

16 August 2016

Donna Loughran BEd (Hum) (1997) with BOSTES president Tom Alegounarias.
Donna Loughran BEd (Hum) (1997) with BOSTES president Tom Alegounarias.

Congratulations to Donna Loughran BEd (Hum) (1997) on receiving one of the State's top education awards.

Ms Loughran, Principal at Doonside High School, is the recipient a Lead Teacher Award by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standard (BOSTES).

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Mrs Loughran said "The levels of resilience in the students - that's the thing I admire most about the schools I've worked in: the grit.

"I want to make sure the kids understand and are really proud of it: they dust themselves off, they get on with it, do what they need to do and they don't get bogged down in that victim mentality that 'the world owes me something'."

Donna's story gained media coverage after it was revealed that as a high school student she failed to get her own school certificate in year 10 after two years of disengagement and truancy.

In the Sydney Morning Herald article, she credited great teachers for preventing her from "falling through the cracks."

"None of my friends finished school - that wasn't the done thing in Shalvey and Mount Druitt back then," she says.

"Going off to university just wasn't the done thing.

You worked full time if you weren't having babies."

"I had amazing teachers that looked beyond the postcode, beyond the rough-and-ready, and saw that potential and made sure that potential was achieved," she said.

Mrs Loughran completed her first practicum at Doonside, before working at Mount Druitt High School and Campbelltown Performing Arts High School before becoming principal at Doonside High School this year.

She is one of 59 teachers being accredited for the first time by the BOSTES, along with 92 others from public and private schools who have achieved Highly Accomplished Teacher status.

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