Professor Jim Tognolini to lead new educational measurement and assessment hub

16 August 2016

Professor Jim Tognolini
Professor Jim Tognolini

Professor Jim Tognolini will establish and lead an educational measurement and assessment hub within the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

The new hub will provide academic leadership in building research capacity, scholarly inquiry, curriculum and consultancies in the educational measurement and assessment area.

“More and more, assessment data is being used to drive the school improvement agenda around the world,” said Professor Tognolini. “This demand is driving many assessment reform agendas seeking to improve the benefit to learning and instruction from assessment.”

“This burgeoning demand for better assessment and the associated use of assessment results has created a number of needs. Firstly, equipping teachers with the skills needed to plan, develop, mark, analyse, interpret and communicate results from assessment activities. Secondly, to make sure that teachers, school administrators and policy makers are able to understand, interpret, communicate and use the information that evolves from the assessment of generic and more content related skills and outcomes.

“There is also a need to conduct research in conjunction with other learning educators across the University to provide contemporary teachers with the skill sets needed to identify, articulate and assess the higher order thinking and cross-curricular skills that are required to successfully prepare students for life in the 21st Century,” said Professor Tognolini. “This is really the third main focus of the Hub.”

“The Educational Measurement and Assessment Hub, through its teaching, research and training agendas intends to address these and other related needs in assessment and measurement.”

Professor Tognolini has a breadth of experience in assessment and educational measurement, having been involved in the establishment, implementation, delivery and evaluation of educational policy in many systems.

He supported Professor Gordon Stanley in establishing the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment and also worked with Professor David Andrich in establishing the Pearson Psychometric Laboratory at UWA.

He has also set up centres internationally for governments and private companies, including the Centre for Assessment, Evaluation and Research in India, the Centre for Educational Testing, Measurement and Evaluation for the Government of the UAE, and the Pearson Research and Assessment Centre.

Professor Tognolini also brings to the role solid experience in the tertiary sector, having supervised masters and PhD studies, and assessed many postgraduate theses.

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