20 years of the Master of Teaching: Amy Mortimer (M Teach '02, PhD '16)

26 October 2016

Amy Mortimer (M Teach '02, PhD '16)
Amy Mortimer (M Teach '02, PhD '16)

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the ground-breaking Master of Teaching degree and to celebrate we would like to share the inspiring stories of its graduates:

Amy Mortimer (M Teach ’02, PhD ’16)

Amy completed an undergraduate degree in the UK and was working as a TESOL teacher for private colleges in Sydney when she started the Master of Teaching - Primary.

“I couldn’t teach without my MTeach qualification,” she said.

“It’s integral to my position and the internship at the end of the Masters also provided me with a realistic experience of what classroom teaching was like.

“The highlights were the collaborative relationships I built with peers and staff.

“There were a number of people who strongly influenced my learning, they included Professor Robyn Ewing (Drama), Associate Professor Robyn Gibson (Visual Art), Sharne Aldridge & Associate Professor Janette Bobis (Maths) and Sandra Newell (HSIE).

“All these lecturers, and many more, were inspiring and deeply passionate about their work.”

Amy used the honours component of the MTeach as a springboard to a Doctorate in the Faculty, where she focused on Creativity, Creative Writing and Primary Education.

“The research bug bit me during the Masters but I wanted to get some substantial teaching experience under my belt before engaging in a Higher Research Degree.

“I was also fortunate to have Robyn Ewing as my PhD supervisor.

“It was largely because of her encouragement that I signed up to do the PhD and she has supported and believed in me ever since.

“For that I am truly grateful.”

Amy Mortimer (M Teach '02, PhD '16) teaching the Faculty's second year BEd cohort.
Amy Mortimer (M Teach '02, PhD '16) teaching the Faculty's second year BEd cohort.

Amy currently leads teacher professional learning around 21st Century Learning at her school and also teaches at the University of Sydney for the Faculty of Education and Social Work. Her future plans involve working across schools and universities engaging in research and praxis of creative and innovate pedagogies.

Her advice to future students and graduates is to remember what drove you to undertake the course in the first place.

“Sometimes the reality of life, with all its challenges and hurdles makes you lose sight of this. It’s important to touch base with your goals from time to time or you’ll get swamped with the mundane instead of being inspired by your passion.”

She reminds teachers to “remember why you signed up and don’t let bureaucracy get you down. Live your passion, let your goals drive you and remember your voice is important in educational research”.

Limited places are still available in the Master of Teaching for 2017:

Early Childhood

Primary Education

Health and Physical Education

Secondary Education

School Counselling

Round 2 applications close at 4.30pm on Friday 18 November 2016.