Dean designate for 2010 visits faculty

2 October 2009

The lifeblood of a faculty is the influence it has on its community, dean designate of the Faculty of Education and Social Work Professor Robert Tierney told an audience gathered to hear his first remarks to the academic and general staff he will lead from next year.

Professor Tierney was visiting Sydney from his home in Vancouver, where he is Dean of Education at the University of British Columbia, to undertake a familiarisation tour of the faculty. The visit culminated in his speech and an afternoon tea on Wednesday, September 30.

“I hope to make the faculty a hub for ideas and issues as well as projects within the University community, the local community and the communities of national and international educators.” Professor Tierney said.

“I don't believe in 'silo-ing' information and knowledge; there is so much more to be gained by areas of expertise interacting than there is from one person or one group taking 'ownership' of particular fields.”

Professor Tierney, who is Australian but has spent much of his life since graduation in North American universities, also said he believed the incorporation of “social work” into the function and title of the faculty was indicative of its capacity - and his aim - “to develop people involved in a fuller world” beyond primary and high schools.