Chief Scientist backs research in learning sciences

15 April 2010

Australia's Chief Scientist, Penny Sackett has made a public statement regarding the importance of supporting research into the sciences of learning. This bodes well for researchers in this area, including our faculty's Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo), which is specifically dedicated to this field of research. CoCo directors Professor Michael Jacobson and Professor Peter Goodyear are internationally recognised leaders in the field of the Learning Sciences and collectively bring more than 40 years of research and leadership in this area to the centre.

The Learning Sciences is an unusually multi-disciplinary field and much of CoCo's research in the area leverages our university-wide experts in other disciplines like information technology, data mining, affective computing and engineering. Specifically, the centre regularly collaborates with the two university research groups, CHAI and LATTE in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.

Members of the centre are delighted to see the government publicly recognise this increasingly important field of research which is tackling the challenges of 21st century learning. For a list of researchers at the Faculty of Education and Social Work that do work in the Learning Sciences, see the research areas section of our website. For a cross-disciplinary list which includes internal researchers as well as those from other faculties within the University of Sydney and external institutions, see the CoCo members page.

Seminar Series: CoCo hosts a seminar series on the sciences and technologies of learning. Upcoming seminars include Professor Marcia Linn from the University of California, Berkeley among others from nearby and around the world. See faculty events for details or subscribe to the mailing list to keep in touch.

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