Faculty shines at computer-supported learning event

22 July 2011

Faculty researchers joined some of the biggest names in technology-based learning when they presented their work at the 9th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) this month. Held in Hong Kong from July 4-8, CSCL 2011 explored the theme of connecting computer-supported collaborative learning to policy and practice.

Faculty contributions included “Bridging multiple expertise in collaborative design for technology-enhanced learning,” involving Professor Peter Goodyear, and an interactive events session on "Collaborative virtual worlds and productive failure” presented by Professor Michael Jacobson and his team.

Innovation and collaboration

Staff enjoyed the opportunity to discuss research and developments with a wide range of international attendees from every aspect of technology-based collaborative learning, including research, education, training and technology.
Postdoctoral researcher Dr Kate Thompson said she particularly appreciated the collaborative atmosphere the conference generated.
“Plenty of big names in the field presenting and attending the sessions,” Dr Thompson said. “They took the time and care to give relevant and interesting feedback. The sense of community was strong, and almost every session was interesting, relevant, and demonstrated cutting-edge research.”

Strong Showing

Nino Aditomo, Vilma Galstaun, Professor Michael Jacobson, Shannon Kennedy-Clark, Susanna Mann, Dr Anne Newstead and Dr Kate Thompson all presented their work at the conference. Members of the faculty who had their research presented at the conference included: Dr Chun Hu, Dr Lina Markauskaite, Professor Peter Reimann, Mary-Helen Ward and Wai-Yat Wong. Other University staff involved in the research presented included Associate Professor Rafael Calvo, Professor Judy Kay, Dr Kalina Yacef and Roberto Martinez from the Faculty of Engineering and IT.

For more information about faculty presentations, see the table below or view the program online at the CSCL website where videos of the keynote presentations and conference highlights are also available.

Next stop: Sydney

Next year there will be no need to travel to Hong Kong - the conference comes to us! CSCL's sister conference, the International Conference of the Learning Sciences or ICLS, makes its first trip to the Southern Hemisphere for its tenth anniversary. Sponsored by the International Society of the Learning Sciences, ICLS 2012 will be hosted by our own CoCo Research Centre. See the call for papers and other information at the ICLS 2012 website.

Faculty research at CSCL 2011


Work presented

Anindito Aditomo, Rafael Calvo, and Peter Reimann

Paper - Collaborative Learning: too much of a good thing? Exploring engineering students' perceptions using the Repertory Grid

Chun Hu , Wai Yat Wong, Vilma Fyfe

Poster - Learning Technology by Collaborative Design and Evaluation

Chun Hu, Wai Yat Wong, Vilma Galstaun

Poster - Patterns of Collaborative Convergence in a Scenario-Based Multi-User Virtual Environment

Michael Jacobson, Charlotte Taylor, Chun Hu, Anne Newstead, Wai-Yat Wong, Debbie Richards, Meredith Taylor, Iwan Kartiko, John Porte, Manu Kapur

Interactive events session - Collaborative virtual worlds and productive failure: design research with multi-disciplinary pedagogical, technical and graphics, and learning research teams

Yael Kali, Lina Markauskaite, Peter Goodyear, Mary-Helen Ward

Paper - Bridging Multiple Expertise in Collaborative Design for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Shannon Kennedy-Clark, Kate Thompson

Poster - Patterns of Collaborative Convergence in a Scenario-Based Multi-User Virtual Environment

Shannon Kennedy-Clark, Kate Thompson, Debbie Richards

Paper - Collaborative Problem Solving Processes in a Scenario-Based Multi-User Environment

Roberto Martinez, Judy Kay, Kalina Yacef

Paper - Visualisations for longitudinal participation, contribution and progress of a collaborative task at the tabletop

Susanna Mann, Peter Reimann

Paper - Video Analysis of Learners' Interactions with the Expert: Using Mobile Devices as Mediating Tools for Learning at a Museum

Kate Thompson, Shannon Kennedy-Clark, Lina Markauskaite, Vilaythong Southavilay

Paper - Capturing and analysing the processes and patterns of learning in collaborative learning environments

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