A journey from radical social work to social justice

13 October 2011

The Social Policy Research Network invites you to a Professorial Lecture given by Professor Jude Irwin.

'A journey from radical social work to social justice: opportunities, challenges and disappointments'

In Australia in the 1970s radical social work was on the 'edge' and critiqued by what was seen as mainstream social work. Now re-badged as 'social justice', it is claimed to be central to social work practice. But is it? This lecture explores some of the dominant influences on the development of social work over the last three decades and the impacts these have had on practice. In the current social, political and economic context, how has the increasing prescriptiveness of practice influenced our ability to be innovative and creative? How has the corporatisation and privatisation affected our attempts to work towards greater equality and social justice? What opportunities might we develop to ensure that social justice is not rhetoric but becomes a reality?

Professor Jude Irwin has worked at the University of Sydney for over thirty years. Her teaching, research, practice and policy interests span a number of areas including violence against women, children and young people, discrimination against gay men and lesbians, professional practice supervision, community development and learning in practice settings. Her most recent research projects use action research and involve working with practitioners to develop professional knowledge and practice and with residents in social housing areas to build community capacity. She is co author/editor of six books, several reports and numerous journal articles.

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Time: 5-7pm

Location: Level 4 LT 424, Education Building

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