Group-based therapeutic enactment for veterans

20 April 2011

World authority on trauma repair and counselling Dr Marvin Westwood will present this seminar about his work with returned servicemen: a promising group-based intervention that has been supporting soliders in their transitioning to civilian life for more than 14 years. Dr Westwood will provide an overview of the clinical model of his Veterans Transition Program (VTP), as well as its initial research findings and video excerpts of the group sessions. The seminar should interest academics, graduate students, practitioners and policy makers. The VTP leverages the resilience and resources of the soldiers, providing information and skills' acquisition to participants attempting to better understand their military experience and its impact. The program provides the opportunity to engage in an action-based way of dealing with disturbing events from their lives, and provides an opportunity for spouses and partners to understand the transition process. Through the use of video, this seminar will expose participants to the therapeutic tools and practical skills used in the delivery of the program including the power of group in working with soldiers; the use of 'life review' to build group cohesion, and the role of therapeutic enactment in healing trauma.

Dr Marvin Westwood is a professor in the UBC Counselling Psychology Program and associate member of UBC's Faculty of Medicine. Currently, his teaching and research focus is on group counselling and psychotherapy, trauma repair and therapeutic applications of the guided-autobiographical-life-review method to the counselling process. He has presented his research at numerous national and international conferences.

Time: 4-5.30pm

Location: Room 612, Education Building

Cost: Free but RSVP by April 18 is essential

Contact: Associate Professor Lindsey Napier

Email: 5c01030b41273554250b09383f2b15114932165d0f1b141107424a24