Using Google scholar to estimate the impact of journal articles

24 May 2011

Join Dr. Jan Van Aalst from the University of Hong Kong as he presents "Using Google Scholar to Estimate the Impact of Journal Articles".

Abstract: Problems with the use of the Social Sciences Citations Index (SSCI) for measuring the impact of journal articles in education and other fields in the social sciences are well known. This talk will review the problems and then consider the potential of Google Scholar as an alternative or complement to SSCI, drawing from a case study of three areas of education: science education, English language teaching, and educational technology. The analysis focuses on the advantages of publishing in SSCI journals, the nature of the citations retrieved by Google Scholar, and the growth rate of Google Scholar citations, and compares the results with those from the SSCI and Scopus. I also comment on issues as to the amount of pre-processing of the data required. The results indicate that Google Scholar is a promising tool for citation analyses, particularly in areas that are not well-served by other indexes. Also see Educational Researcher, 39, 387-400 (2010).

Jan Van Aalst received his PhD in science education in 1999 from the University of Toronto, and is currently an associate professor in the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on knowledge building, an educational approach emphasizing inquiry in a community and the use of a web-based inquiry environment (Knowledge ForumĀ®), particularly issues surrounding the uptake of knowledge building in school, such as pedagogy, cultural and systemic factors, and assessment. Recent work has examined the theoretical underpinnings of knowledge-building discourse and the development of methods and tools for analyzing it. Dr van Aalst teaches graduate courses on research methodology, computer-supported collaborative learning, and teaching and learning science, and was the director of the Educational Doctoral Program at the University of Hong Kong. He also has published on assessing the impact of research output in education. To find out more, see Jan Van Aalst's Profile page.

This seminar is sponsored by the faculty Research Office and The CoCo Research Centre.

Time: 5-6pm

Location: Lecture Theatre 351, Education Bldg. A35