Advances in computer-supported collaborative learning

15 June 2011

Join Kate Thompson of the CoCo Research Centre as she presents "Measuring and making sense of processes of CSCL: looking inside the blackbox of learning"

Abstract: In the last five years, our ability to measure, and to appreciate the complexity of, the processes of CSCL has benefited from advances in the methodologies used and in computational power. In this seminar I will discuss these recent advances in this field, using examples from some of my own collaborative research in order to highlight particular methods and outcomes. Areas of future research will also be identified.

Kate Thompson is a postdoctoral research associate on the ARC Laureate Fellowship project: Learning, Technology and design: architectures for productive networked learning, with Peter Goodyear at the CoCo Research Centre. Her PhD examined the intersection of learning sciences theory (multiple representations, CSCL) with simulation model use, and sparked an interest in user-specific scaffolds and strategies for the interrogation of simulation models. Kate's background in environmental science has led her to a systems perspective, and her work on environmental education programs has involved simulation models (agent-based, system dynamics, discrete-event), mobile devices, and virtual worlds. Kate's research will focus on measuring and representing processes in CSCL as well as designing for these environments.

This seminar is part of a Seminar Series on the Sciences and Technologies of Learning, brought to you by the Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo).

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Time: 11.00am to 12.230 pm (Please join us for a cup of tea or coffee at 10:45am)

Location: Rm 230, Lvl 2, A35 Education Building

Email: 3a194c5b123c1f2a1a1715740f0c461f045a

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