Staff achievements

  • New Professor of eHealth[4 December 2014]

    Tim Shaw

    Tim Shaw will be joining the Faculty next year to take up the position of Professor in eHealth. More

  • Grant success for Professor Dale Bailey[1 December 2014]

    Sydney Vital

    Professor Dale Bailey from Medical Radiation Sciences was part of a team which was awarded a grant of $6.4 million over five years from the Cancer Institute New South Wales (CINSW). More

  • Sally Crossing awarded honorary doctorate[26 November 2014]

    Sally Crossing

    Sally Crossing (AM) has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Faculty of Health Sciences today. More

  • New book explores complexities of autism[26 November 2014]

    Joanne Arciuli

    Associate Professor Joanne Arciuli, along with Macquarie University's Dr Jon Brock, has recently released a new book titled 'Communication in Autism'. More

  • Breast cancer rehabilitation and consumer advocacy[24 November 2014]

    Sally Crossing, Kathryn Refshauge and Sharon Kilbreath

    Close to 70 people including researchers, clinicians, advocacy and support groups and breast cancer survivors attended the Faculty of Health Sciences' Sydney Ideas lecture last Wednesday. More

  • Faculty of Health Sciences receives funding grants[10 November 2014]

    Professor Mark Onslow

    University of Sydney researchers, including those from the Faculty of Health Sciences, have been recognised among Australia's best with the announcement of more than $32 million in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) funding. More

  • Dr Michael Millington releases new book[10 November 2014]

    Dr Michael Millington

    Dr Michael Millington has recently completed the book 'Families in rehabilitation counseling: A community-based approach'. More

  • New Honorary Professor in the Discipline of Medical Radiation Sciences[24 September 2014]

    Dr Georges El Fakhri

    Georges El Fakhri, Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School has been appointed an Honorary Professor in the discipline of Medical Radiation Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences. More

  • 1000 Norms Project tests first Norm[22 September 2014]

    Members of Harry's Shed

    12 members of 'Harry's Shed', a Men's Shed group based in Canada Bay, were tested as part of the 1000 Norms Project today, including 87-year-old Norm Shopland, the Project's first real "Norm". More

  • Dr Niamh Moloney receives Sydney Southeast Asia Centre grant[19 September 2014]

    Dr Niamh Moloney

    Dr Niamh Moloney along with a team of researchers from the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine and Hanoi Medical University were awarded one of four Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC) cluster research grants. More

  • Five minutes with Xuan Luu[4 August 2014]

    Xuan Luu

    Xuan Luu is a PhD candidate in the Disability and Community Faculty Research Group in the Faculty of Health Sciences. He is also a Postgraduate Teaching Fellow in the Discipline of Behavioural and Social Sciences in Health. More

  • New book diagnoses Australia's policy failures in health care[17 June 2014]

    Stephanie Short

    Australia is sleepwalking down the US path; headed towards a two-tiered health care system that is increasingly inequitable, warns leading Australian health academics and authors of the highly regarded book, Health Care and Public Policy: An Australian Analysis. More