SCATSIS review of ABS standard indigenous identification question

5 December 2013

Donna Ingram, Cultural Representative and member of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, gave a humbling welcome to country to launch the first Sydney Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics (SCATSIS) workshop.

The Centre, initiated by Professor Shane Houston at the University of Sydney, was developed to provide a response to the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) current review of the standard question to identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the census.

Those in attendance included representatives from the ABS and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; Professors Ian Ring, Lisa Jackson-Pulver and Sandra Eades; Vanessa Lee, Debra Reid, Haylene Grogan and Imelda Noti.

The key discussions for the day focused on exploring the social and cultural dimensions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identification and the implications of this for statistical methodology and standards.

Overall the discussions were incredibly insightful and revealed opportunities for on-going research partnerships to be developed between those in attendance.

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