Belong@FHS start year on a high

13 March 2017

Belong@FHS tug-o-war team
Belong@FHS tug-o-war team

The Belong@FHS peer-mentoring team have started the 2017 academic year with a win, joining forces with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to take out first place at the InterFaculty Tug-o-War.

"The Inter-Faculty Tug-o-War is a great way to engage mentors and mentees from across the University in physical activity and teamwork," says Dr Krestina Amon, First Year Experience Coordinator for the Bachelor of Health Sciences.

Belong@FHS is the Faculty of Health Sciences' peer-mentoring program for students in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees. It combines advice sessions and social events to help students get the most out of their degrees.

Dr Amon said the program provides a welcoming community to new students. It breaks down barriers and fears, and assists in guiding and supporting students with their transition to university.

"As mentors, students get the opportunity to share their experiences and help other students ease into university, while developing their own leadership, team work, and management skills," said Dr Amon.

Belong@FHS social lunch
Belong@FHS social lunch

Emily Gregg became involved with the Belong@FHS program as a mentee during her first year as Bachelor of Health Sciences student, before taking on the role as mentor and now as super mentor.

"I joined the program as a mentor as I had such a great experience as a mentee and wanted to help other first years have the experience that I had," says Emily.

"The program is a great opportunity to find out essential information about university that you won't learn from your lectures. You get the chance to speak with senior students about majors and get advice on subjects. Having been a mentee I found the sessions really helpful to adapt to the changes of university life," says Emily. "We also hold social events, such as barbecues and trivia games which are a great way to meet fellow students in an informal setting."

Dr Melanie Keep, Co-Founder of Belong@FHS says the program is fostering graduate qualities through extra-curricular activities.

"Mentoring fosters leadership skills and an appreciation for diversity. Mentoring programs are a great way for students to feel more assured about university life, understand what is expected of them, and to be more motivated to engage with university," said Dr Keep.

If you're in your first year in the Bachelor of Health Sciences and are interested in finding out more about what's happening in the Belong@FHS program, you can you can join the Facebook group or follow their Instagram account @belong_fhs.