New book explores the challenges of community based work

21 November 2008

A new book co-edited by Dr Freidoon Khavarpour, Head of Indigenous Health at the Faculty, is set to help students and practitioners better understand the opportunities and challenges of fieldwork practice.

Launched on Wednesday 19 November by the Hon. Maxine McKew, Parliamentary Secretary for Early Childhood Education and Child Care, 'Voices from the Coalface: Practitioners Perspectives about the Nature and Challenges of Community-based Work,' gives a succinct illustration of the real-world complexities of community based work.

As the introduction of the book explains, '...the majority of Australian universities and TAFE institutes now offer as a core part of their programs an intensive period of fieldwork practice. However, there are few, if any, books where students and teachers can explore the actual experience of practice in the field.' This book helps to fill that gap. The contributors provide 'insights into the lives and challenges of practitioners engaged in community based work.'

L to R: Dr Owen, Hon. Maxine McKew and Dr Khavarpour at the launch
L to R: Dr Owen, Hon. Maxine McKew and Dr Khavarpour at the launch

Dr Khavarpour worked on the book in collaboration with co-editor Dr John Owen from the School of Social work and Applied Human Sciences at the University of Queensland.

The book can be ordered through:

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All proceeds from sales will be donated to a nominated charity.

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