Visiting scholar: Dr Pablo Quintero del Rivero

26 October 2012

Dr. Pablo Quintero del Rivero completed his PhD in June of this year at the University of Navarra and has been collaborating with Dr. Kieron Rooney in the Discipline of Exercise and Sport Science as a visiting scholar. Dr. Quintero del Rivero will complete pilot studies in aid of identifying a carbohydrate derived factor that regulates fat oxidation. Such a link between carbohydrate and fat metabolism was first proposed over 50 years ago, yet comprehensive proof still eludes the exercise biochemistry community. Dr. Rooney and colleagues have proposed a novel mechanism by which lactate - a commonly believed metabolic bi-product - may play a vital role in regulating fuel utilisation. Specifically, muscle-derived lactate may inhibit whole body fat catabolism and hence propagate increased fat storage and ultimately obesity. Empirical proof of this hypothesis will be achieved through the identification of a lactate-specific receptor in skeletal muscle tissue and examination of its function under environmental diet and activity stress. Dr. Quintero del Rivero will be at the Faculty until the end of October, and then take up a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.