Online program to treat children's stuttering

27 March 2013

Professor Mark Onslow, Director of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre says early intervention by parents is crucial in treating children that stutter their speech. He is developing an online treatment program to eradicate the problem. Professor Onslow says the reasons why people stutter remains a mystery, despite the amount of research on the problem.He says, untreated, a stutter in adulthood can lead to serious psychological problems.

Toddlers who stutter are likely to be the targets of bullying and teasing at pre-school and kindergarten, according to Professor Onslow.
Stuttering typically starts in children of two to three years old and can hinder educational and occupational success, also causing serious psychological problems later in life, states Professor Onslow. He says school can be a terrible time for those who stutter and the general community. Parents and teachers need to be educated in regard to the experiences of these children and what they can do to help.

Professor Onslow says the online program has been developed to have a speech pathologist treating patients via a webcam.Listen to the full ABC PM interview.

Professor Onslow will be presenting Early Stuttering Intervention:Speaking is Living on Wednesday, 17 April at the University of Sydney, Camperdown.Further details.