FHS Abroad students prepare for departure

12 November 2013

Scholarship winners Emily Miller, Milad Popalzay and Amber Correy
Scholarship winners Emily Miller, Milad Popalzay and Amber Correy

A pre-departure workshop for Faculty of Health Sciences students participating in FHS Abroad was held at Cumberland campus on Friday 8 November.

Established in 2011, FHS Abroad allows senior students across all undergraduate and graduate entry master's programs to undertake a unit of study in either Vietnam, Cambodia, India or Nepal during the December/January and June/July breaks.

"Students often describe the experience of participating in FHS Abroad and volunteering overseas as 'life-changing'. When we ask them how it will affect them as future health professionals, many say it will make them more patient, resilient, resourceful, tolerant, and strengthen their cultural sensitivity and communication skills" said FHS Abroad Co-Director Dr Charlotte Scarf.

The cohort departing in December consists of 25 students from the disciplines of Exercise and Sport Science, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Counselling, Speech Pathology, as well as Bachelor of Health Sciences students.

Common activities undertaken by FHS Abroad students include shadowing local health professionals, play therapy, massage, health promotion, community outreach, as well as basic treatment program planning and delivery.

Emily Miller, Milad Popalzy and Amber Correy were each winners of $3,500 FHS Abroad scholarships and will travel to Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal respectively. These scholarships were made possible by funds provided by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) through the University of Sydney's Social Inclusion Unit.

"Students from the Faculty of Health Sciences have been working collaboratively on community projects in the developing world for more than 30 years, enriching their understanding of global health and making a lasting difference in communities worldwide" said Dr Scarf.

The Faculty of Health Sciences won a commendation for FHS Abroad in 2011 from the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).