Tactile study conducted at FHS shortlisted for award at international conference

4 August 2014

Research by Dr Tatjana Seizova-Cajic from the Discipline of Behavioural and Social Sciences in Health was shortlisted for the Best paper award (category: oral presentation) at the International Conference on Touch Eurohaptics in Versailles, France in June.

Eurohaptics is a major international conference and the primary European meeting for researchers in the field of human haptics and touch enabled computer applications. The field of haptics covers basic and applied research in areas including human tactile perception, haptic hardware, surgical simulation, rehabilitation robotics and communication.

The study by Dr Seizova-Cajic and collaborators "Lateral skin strech influences direction judgements of motion across the skin" received an Honourable mention as the third best paper in its category at this year's conference.

Dr Seizova-Cajic and collaborators Karlsson, Bergstrom, McIntyre & Birznieks conducted their research in her Touch, proprioception and vision laboratory at the Faculty of Health Sciences using an apparatus designed and built by Faculty of Health Sciences Timothy Turner and Raymond Patton. An ARC Discovery grant provided financial support for this work.