The right chords

6 April 2009

Dr Cate Madill from the Faculty's Discipline of Speech Pathology is quoted in an article from the Sydney Morning Herald's 'The Guide' which discusses how to define the perfect voice for radio.

Ask a speech expert who has the best voice on radio and you're in for a surprise. Sydney voice coach Michael Kelly nominates Mix night-time Love God Richard Mercer and 2CH octogenarian Bob Rogers.

"Mercer has a voice that is in its sweet spot for his program and his audience," Kelly says. "This is the most soothing, caring voice imaginable. It's like Mercer is softly patting his callers with his voice."

Kelly says 83-year-old Rogers has the voice of a 60-year-old, largely because he has a higher pitch and faster speed than most people his age. "His voice is smooth, easy, warm, wise and connected."

Defining the perfect voice for radio is difficult because it depends on the audience and that audience is constantly changing, says speech pathologist and AFTRS consultant Dr Cate Madill. Read more