Student Ambassadors tackle weighty issue

8 May 2009

Student Ambassador and Project Leader, Peggy Huang
Student Ambassador and Project Leader, Peggy Huang

On Monday 16 March, four Student Ambassadors from the Faculty of Health Sciences formed a working party to tackle the issue of childhood obesity in primary schools. The members of the team are:
  • Elena Rigopoulos, Speech Pathology
  • Yi Fan Tang, Health Sciences/Orthoptics
  • Vanita Balani, Physiotherapy
  • Peggy Huang, Exercise and Sport Science/Nutrition

The team aims to construct, organise, implement, and evaluate a program to improve the health of primary school students. Childhood obesity is an ongoing issue, and thus a sustainable solution is being sought.

The team is collaborating with a number of stakeholders including the FHS Marketing Department, and FIX Consultancy. The first meeting was held on Mon 6 April and was attended by the Student Ambassadors, Erika Anza-Mosman, (Marketing Manager, Faculty of Health Sciences)and Georgia Sinclair (FIX Consultancy and Exercise Coordinator, Hilltop Primary School).

At this meeting, the team set goals, brainstormed ideas, and set the direction for the project. Options the team are currently exploring include a health awareness week, hunt for better health activity, and interactive presentations. Whatever the delivery mode, it has been planned that the project will cover topics such as education, nutrition, participation in physical activity, and an overall appreciation for health and well being.

At present, the Student Ambassadors are researching the options and networking to build a larger support base. The focus is on building a sustainable project that can be carried on and implemented by future Student Ambassadorsyears after the current team leaves.

Overweight and obesity pose major risks to health and quality of life, this small but dedicated team is working on a long term solution to bring results and decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases in primary school students. It is hoped that the project can continue over the years and spread to a number of different primary schools.

Contact: Peggy Huang

Email: 05471a12085f0074114c323b0f7707144677152c